Valerio Magini

Artisti Fotografia EN


between memory and future

Valerio Magini was born in Rome in 1976. Complex and extroverted personality, since the early years shows a remarkable creative vein in various sectors. Thanks to his father he knows photography and art even if for many years he seems to want to fight his own expressive madness by silencing it. The journey in photography begins at a distance like a child’s game; from the first Polaroid to the disposable carton machine companion of bicycle rides among the summer dust and the smell of salt. Then darkness, the painful passage between film and digital, lived almost like a scar dug in the flesh. Silence. Years lived repressing creativity, almost concealing one’s expressive capacity. The approach to moving images fascinates him and dedicates himself to scriptwriting and directing, also taking care of the editing of several short films and documentaries. Only time will decide, maturing ideas and making them scream more and more violently, that a single frame can be more expressive than an entire sequence.

Return to photography in 2015, dedicating himself to FineArt, printing his works on fine paper and in limited series. Today he tries to tell a possible reality: the grazing light that filters through his eyes sculpts the world around him creating timeless scenes, suspended between light and shadow, between memories and the future.