Stefano Di Loreto

Artisti Pittura EN


The artist began painting figurative paintings since when he was young, to later discover a particular fascination with a type of subtle and conceptual art. His searching path led him to approach the Italian Pop Art and New Realism, for which he admired the freedom of expression and the use of color. Over the time, Stefano di Loreto developed a very personal painting style. If at first sight his art joins Conceptual Art, it differs in the original will to deconstruct the concepts through the use of color, becoming a new artistic expression, in which the artist assigns the name of “Conceptual Deconstruction” and which opens January 9, 2016 on the occasion of the exhibition at the Museo Michetti (MuMi) of Francavilla al Mare (IT). Di Loreto’s art represents current issues such as Globalization, Economics, Nutrition, Time, Communication, the Humanitas and other, releasing the energy of colors through lashes that strike ready-made objects placed on the canvas, in order to elicit a more critical sense in mankind in front of the state of restlessness that afflicts him, to make the right reflection in order to identify the way to its revenge. In this way he implements an innovative deconstruction, not of objects, but of concepts, to finally express, trough de-constructing, positive concepts. He exhibited in several museums solo and in numerous international art exhibitions.