Stefania Vichi

Artisti Pittura EN

in chaos

Lived from birth (09/22/1986) in Città di Castello near Perugia until the age of 18. Graduated in law at the Faculty of Perugia in 2013 and later became a lawyer. Graduated in classical dance at the Royal Academy of Dance in London in 2016. In 2015 the first approach to large-scale works at the request of Architect Favilli of Milan for a law firm in Città di Castello (where they are currently permanently exposed 11 works). Thanks to this exhibition, private commissions and recently requests for exhibitions in the Galleries followed. The love for art and in particular for the baroque one, undoubtedly influenced by the family of antique dealers, moves the creation of the work. The intention is to go back in time, to reproduce classic pictorial drapery, sculptural virtuosity, to suggest, nevertheless, a deliberately visionless vision, within the context of a balance that struggles to find rest, agitating, in the multiform capacity of mutate to change. The shape of the work, far from any geometry, takes on the main role in the dialogue with space and with reality, through an expressiveness without caging, free and probably entertainable. Rigor and discipline immersed in a chaos of balance. The “pittoscultura” appropriates the space it occupies, the contortions moved in its convoluted processing, elusive to the physical rules, idealize itself in a mixture of empty and full, lights and shadows able to originate semantic and optical discrepancies; introflections and extroflections that follow an underlying motion, an unstoppable movement that destabilizes the whole.