Roberto Lauro

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of communication

Roberto Lauro was born in Naples in 1983, already as a child he shows a certain interest in all those activities that require creative and emotional involvement. His past is full of goals ranging from music to writing and sports, up to the Art, which for his devotion he will choose as a place for higher education, graduating in advertising graphics at the U. Boccioni State Institute of Art. His curiosity for everything that surrounds him pushes him to move away and get closer to art repeatedly, and that’s when Roberto starts working for the achievement of a degree in Communication Sciences that is passionate about the fascinating world of tattooing. Taking the two paths forward he divides himself between the cynical sociological objectivity of the university world in which he is involved and the irrational poetry and sense of freedom of art on skin that nourishes his spirit in the same way that it happened with experience from musician, author and composer, who by now became a latent memory. After two years of experience on leather and nearing graduation, in 2010 he inaugurated his “Roberto Lauro Tattoo” studio in Naples in which he constantly grew both as a tattoo artist and as an artist, deepening his studies also in painting, from whose passion and dedication he was born and a collection of 14 paintings is published, oil on canvas, named “A thousand aspects of a dull scenario”. Today Roberto Lauro still works at his studio and defines his work as a means to be able to express his emotions and moods, considering the immense charm of being able to communicate to others, leaving something indelible on the skin.