Neide Loconte

Artisti Pittura EN


of color and imagination

36 years old, from Puglia, born in Rome for more than ten years. For work I am a financial consultant on the road between numbers and graphs, in the time that remains I take pleasantly and necessarily take care of my excerpts of freedom: I express myself in the art of painting and music (the piano) for pure delight and to escape from a reality that I don’t judge, I just live as best I can. The atmospheres are those of dream, love and color where I find myself; the hands and eyes of a self-taught person. My studies have embraced many fields, from philosophy to communication, to marketing, from economics to finance, but the focus has always been on and concentrated around underlying feelings such as curiosity, emotion and wonder, love for that flame that gives impetus to research. This research, very complicated under the lights of reason but simple if carried out by the soul, is time, through the ways of painting and music (magic instruments in the hands of the artist) to interpret the world to have clear the contrasts but prefer the harmony.