Micaela D’Onofrio

Artisti Pittura EN


My name is Micaela D’Onofrio, I was born on June 6th 1981 and I am an artist from Abruzzo. I approached dance as a child and continued my career to become a dancer and a judge at the international level. Having had a grandfather “master of wood”, I have breathed ART at home since I was very young. I have always enjoyed a strong imagination and good manual skills. I like to consider myself an artist in the round: in fact I also enjoy writing, theater and painting as a self-taught artist. I reproduce on the canvas intuitions, emotions and “visions”. Every work of mine comes from a playful need (which reminds me of carefree childhood), and from the vital need (dictated by a more adult awareness) to feel part of a vibrant and creative energy.