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Born in Foggia in 1981, he showed a marked predisposition to artistic disciplines since he was a child, from music to design. He graduated from the State Institute of Art in Foggia, continued his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts of the same city, but the provocative and controversial spirit compromised the conclusion of the road he would leave after only one year. In 2001 he moved to Milan where, among the occasional works, he was able to exhibit his first graphic / pictorial works in a room in a Roman door. The Milanese experience ends after a year and then he returns to Foggia and dedicates himself exclusively to music as a pseudo-drummer. In 2005 he went to Paris, completely abandoning “doing art” and remaining a “spectator and lover of art”. He returned to Milan in 2007, managing to work, paint and play. In 2017 he abandons music focusing exclusively on defining his own artistic personality. Decide to save pencils and brushes and apply to the creation of digital collages. In 2018, the MCAHNY project was born.

THE TECHNIQUE: Each work is the result of a digital collage and graphic table interventions. MCAHNY is the son of his time, he grew up during the exponential development of technology, but with a good experience in drawing and painting, he developed during his artistic studies and matured over the years. The most significant manual interventions are those that are not seen, the reconstructions, extensions and creations from scratch of those details that constitute the emotional essence of each image.

THE CONCEPT: Antonello da Messina, Tintoretto, Agnolo Bronzino, Rafael, Hans Olbein, Leonardo, Van Eyck and all the great painters known to mankind end up suffering the harassment of MCAHNY. At the same time, look for a way to return to classical art: pay homage to the lesson of style and elegance that, after half a millennium, we can no longer fully appreciate. Thus, between disproportionate ears, fluorescent colors, improbable garments, looks multiplied or stolen and missing pieces, MCAHNY pays homage to a vandalism, a surreal, kitsch and romantic vision, ironic and deeply serious.