Maudit Carillon

Artisti Pittura EN

through art

My name is Maudit Carillon, I was born in Naples on October 20, 1988. I graduated at the Filippo Palizzi Institute of Art in Naples, ceramic, with the teacher Lorenzo Becce. After graduation I wanted, without hesitation, to continue my artistic journey by enrolling at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, a path that I have never finished because I find that it could limits my desire to do art and make art, for me, means to be continuously research to developing a personal language.

For me art is the need to descend into ourselves, through stratified dimensions, a sort of meditative tool useful to recognize and work on those blocks that do not allow us to get to the bottom of our emotions, our fears, being able to communicate with them. Spherical or amorphous figures illustrate those damaging unconscious contracts that we ourselves set in motion, as long as we do not reach our shadows, the same ones that call us to attention, through these alarm bells.

In recent times I am also experimenting with installations with wires, electric cables and other material. I am always looking for new material and new shapes that can describe in a visionary and fantastic way these mechanisms. I had the opportunity to exhibit in several group shows in Naples, and one last at the Royal Palace of Caserta, thanks to the Moovart project in the Modigliani Opera format.