Massimo Cavuoto Cimmino

Artisti Arte Digitale EN

beyond the real

Max Cavuoto Cimmino was born in Capri on September 29, 1963. In 1989, from a combination of causes, violent bursts a psychotic disorder severe, marked by paranoia, hallucinations, parallel realities perceptions. In 2012, after healing, borns the idea of creating graphics operas, based on real images with the addition of visionary elements, to show everyone the imaginary world that has gone through its existence. The theme is the interpretation, beyond the real, the human race that interacts with invisible energies that surround and shape silent lives, choices, chemistry, and the religious beliefs of “land” in interaction with the cosmos and its energies. From the Sun to the planets, who and what surrounds us invisible, and silent shapes our lives, choices, chemistry, rendered in images born of hallucinations, parallel realities perceptions that generate an imaginative interpretation of the terrestrial landscape, out of the usual reality , which aims to inspire the future election of those who do not is never released. Because there’s always a first time.