Mariateresa Desario

Artisti Scultura EN

thoughts and ideas

Ever since I was little I immediately felt the need for a link with the material, color and art in all its forms. I obtained a diploma in visual arts at the art school of Corato and I am still continuing my studies in set design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bari. I love to build thoughts and ideas and make them tangible. My artistic research comes from the attraction and curiosity towards everything that is material and from the textures that each material has to offer. I create my drawings using scrap elements such as pieces and tables of wood, stucco, plaster, damaged rags, combining them in different forms. I love the use of the latter because it is as if art gave them a second life with a different purpose. Through these materials I have the possibility, therefore, to create textures to which light almost gives a vibrating effect.