Maria Virseda

Artisti Scultura EN

of human

María was born in Segovia, a Spanish city known for its artistic and cultural heritage, and its former agglomeration was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. He grew up in this cradle of art, studying at the Casa de Los Picos Art Institute. Later, he studied at the University of Fine Arts in Madrid, deepening in traditional artistic techniques and more contemporary sculptors. After working for one of the most important art galleries in the Spanish capital, where he learns about the international art scene, he decides to move to Italy to continue studying. Its main objective is to make sculptural materials such as clay, plaster and resin, but without excluding any material. At the moment it continues its experimentation through the study of the material, the forms and the expression doing mainly sculptural works, drawings and facilities. Art is born of nostalgia for something we want and can not learn with our hands. I am currently dedicated to the search for beauty. The expression of the human being through the roots that characterize it, and more specifically those that have marked the path of certain people, modifying the course of history. My sculptures represent strong and fragile women, inspired by real characters, who aesthetically represent their essence, common among them, which allows incredible things, what one believes, wants and feels …

``There is always something absent that torments me.``

Camille Claudel

The world belongs to those who are impressed by simplicity. For this I use all available materials, precious metals or elements of nature, sometimes reinvented objects that can introduce the moderately figurative expressive, always from the point of departure of technical traditions and the inspiration of the most emblematic figures of art. Sometimes in apparent contradiction, but with the same line of investigation.