Margherita Forgione

Artisti Scultura EN

of the visible

I was born and live in the Trastevere district of Rome. Art historian and goldsmith for three years. My works are influenced by the historical-artistic formation and I follow the process from the idea to the realization, up to transforming my microsculptures into conceptual works. I am convinced that the intellect operates through doing and that manual ability is connected to the thought that becomes concrete through action. I work with metals, both precious and poor, and with the lost wax technique, giving shape to the material. My training, the experience acquired in a goldsmith laboratory and the continuous contact with various artists, gave me the opportunity to refine the observation of my surroundings. Each of us has a personal way of looking at and perceiving things from the outside, even everyday life can be a considerable indifference. I call this process a personal translation of the visible.