Marco Serafini Amici

Artisti Fotografia EN


I was born in Rome, April 3, 1990, and I inherited my passion for photography from my father to the point to undertake specialized studies and make it a profession. I studied at the “Cine TV Roberto Rossellini” higher education institution in Rome, a historic school of professional training in the field of audio-visual disciplines. Since very young, stimulated by some of my teachers, I have been confronted with both traditional and experimental operating procedures: rayographies, chimigrams, graphic interventions on photographic prints. I graduated as a technician of photographic image production reaching a multifaceted professional profile able to operate in different fields of photography through the development of technical and cultural skills, communication and relational that allow me to design, organize and implement the different stages of image production using both analog and digital operating systems. I work as a freelance professional interpreting the needs of my clients and collaborating with other professionals in the design and execution of photos and videos. In these same years I developed a deep passion for the journey that led me to dedicate myself

to documentary photography in which my personal research focuses on narration through images and on the marked attention to the compositional aspects and the contamination between different photographic and artistic genres. I also carry on, as a self-taught artist, a mainly figurative artistic production using multiple executive techniques on different types of supports, often of reuse.