Luca Sepe

Artisti Pittura EN

to free the mind

My name is Luca Sepe and I was born in Naples. In life I do a normal job that has nothing to do with art or being an artist. However, I have always had particular inclinations for art in all its forms of expression, in fact I was also an actor even if for a very short period. Perhaps my very traditional family has never encouraged me towards artistic or sporting careers (my other great passion) despite the manifestation of my need to carry out such activities, even if in the form of hobbies now. I do not possess great drawing skills, but what I do is simply a necessity, an attempt to throw out what crowds the mind. At the beginning I didn’t want to paint on canvas but thanks to some friends, and especially my girlfriend, I started this journey that makes me happy regardless of the judgment of others, it simply makes my mind free for a few moments.