Lisa Molinaro

Artisti Pittura EN

between music and art

I was born in Ischia. After graduating from high school, I graduated in 2010 in piano at the Conservatory and currently work in the musical field, teaching and performing concert activity. As a child, in addition to music, I have a keen interest in painting and art in general. After seeing an exhibition by Mattotti in Paris, I was totally enraptured by the world of illustration, of which I knew little or nothing at that time. I decided to enroll in several workshops held by famous illustrators, including Pablo Auladell, Fabian Negrin and Anna Forlati. In October 2017 I passed the selections to participate in the Master course in editorial illustration organized by the Associazione Ars in fabula ”of Macerata and in November 2018 I obtained the relevant Diploma. I would very much like to be able to combine music and art, hoping one day to find an original synthesis between the two languages.