Artisti Fotografia EN

of instants

My name is Julia, I was born in Naples on January 5, 1982. I showed interest in art already at an early age in dance, music, poetry and theater, while the passion for photography came later thanks to cell phones that today they allow you to photograph anything. My intent is precisely to use this technological tool and bring it closer to the art of photography. Going against any canon of perfection that can be achieved with professional cameras, without however completely dismissing them. The photo is The third eye, the new obsession of our liquid generation and will be like this for other years. Nothing is science fiction, but neither is it real. I believe in technology and in the power that has to

isolate us while keeping us always connected. The picture seems to tell you “You are there and observe me”, in the era of perfection, in the age of showing, in the age of wanting to see, in color, in black and white … in the cuttlefish. Each eye can capture what it wants and when it wants. I try to show how my third eye sees the world, what many can not or do not want to see, I want to unleash anxiety. My intent is precisely to redeem this technological tool and bring it closer to the art of photography. Like a predator in search of images, hungry for moments, I move, almost happy, to camouflage with the flock of selfies. The capture always takes place in urban settings, the theater of my delusions where the loss of silence is an indispensable commandment.