Il sogno di una volta

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magic plots

Grazia Casillo, aka “IL SOGNO DI UNA VITA”, was born in Naples, in May 1972. “I’ve always been fascinated by the world of jewelry, but always looking for a truly unique beauty. After a long study of many techniques, the memory of my grandmother Grace brought me back to her teachings. I was a child always curious to see her at work with cottons, irons and shuttles, the characteristic tools for making “pizzo chiacchierino”. The precious thread is worked by “knots” that require great skill in execution, commitment and absolute attention, plus a great experience! That wonder of a child has remained unchanged today, looking at what can be achieved: works of art that fill the heart with joy, an unusual beauty, both classic and modern. My research continues constantly, always experimenting with something new; mixed techniques, which I can best blend to embellish poorer materials, such as a straw used to make “panariello” or an angular riggiola making it sweeter. Weaving these magical textures, in addition to the yarns, I also live stories and friendships of those who approach even just to watch me work, relate, and make bonds, as they once did, when friendships were lived in real life and not like today only through social media.