Giorgio Simonetti

Artisti Fotografia EN

of faces and details

Giorgio Simonetti is a photographic portraitist. Born and lives in the area of ​​the Castelli Romani south of Rome where nature still seems to resist the hand of man. He dedicates himself to photography in his free time, to the continuous search for faces to capture those who want to express something of themselves through the camera. But he is not just a portraitist. Architecture plays a fundamental role in its continuous search for new photographic techniques; also helped by his friend and professional photographer, at the beginning of 2018, he collaborates with the Doria Pamphilj Administration, performing with a wise, and quite unique, vertical and horizontal panoramic technique, some interiors of the Palazzo Doria Phampilj in Rome.

He recently completed a collaboration in the field of contemporary art with the tattoo artist Marco Manzo; for the latter he has realized some works with the light painting technique that have been exhibited at the National Museum of the XXI Century Arts “MAXXI” and the Museum of Contemporary Art “Macro” of Rome and, in December 2018, also at the the Vittoriano di Roma complex in conjunction with the Warhol and Pollock exhibitions. In his travels with his companion immortalizes life in its many forms and colors, managing to capture from it moments that touch eternity. Respecting life, he does not like to feed on sentient beings. He practices the art of Kung fu and Compassion for several years now.