Artisti Pittura EN

in shades

Francesco De Cristofaro lives in Lecce, born on 14/07/1990. After graduating in socio-pedagogy, he decided to follow his true passion, enrolling at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lecce, and it is here that he refined his techniques as a draftsman and painter, looking more and more contemporary with abstract references and pop style mid-20th century art and post-impressionist veils. Despite adverse vicissitudes, his passion for painting does not fade, undertaking numerous paintings. Its decisive brush stroke, which is not only traditional, blends with the bright color in all its pigmentation. Colors that interweave in kaleidoscopic shades that reveal a more impressed image, as if the drawing were carved on the canvas. This modus allows the canvas to have different points of light, and from whatever point one observes it comes an image, a meaning, a meaning, a different morality. Between abstractionism and pop art, we know how to manage and portray the everyday, revealing with quick strokes

love and post-impressionist ideas, clear references to Keith Haring or Andy Warhol and of course to Vincent Van Gogh as themes, representations and modus operandi. The world represented by him is another vision of what the eye can not grasp and is an amplification of the real, sometimes leading it to irony or to emphasize particularities. Landscapes that transmit tranquility, frogs reminiscent of triples under drugs and people transformed into comics that dissolve like smoke. Because the world is not only black and white and their gray son, but full of colors that we often avoid seeing, a little ‘out of fear and a little’ to dare to be criticized is not always a pleasure, you are not always willing to hear what you do not want. His way of painting reflects his way of being joyful and fun despite adversity, but also firm in his decisions. The net colors show its impulsiveness but well thought out. His canvases seem to be discussing with each other, confronting each other, opposing each other, remaining always decisive, honest and correct towards the observer.