Francesca Raia

Artisti Pittura EN

of realism

“Kikka” Raia was born in Caserta on December 20, 1993, interested in the artistic world and expressive play as a child. Of rebellious nature, stubbornly free, adverse to harsh and affected environments, he hates any rhetoric. She has a degree in Exercise Science and specializes in Life & Sport Coaching. From 2016 he began to create a series of paintings on paper and canvas, creating over fifty works, in which the shadows and colors of a young emerging soul are hidden but also hovered. Fair and rigorous self-taught, in 1717 he exhibited one of his first works, in an exhibition at the Barbella Museum in Chieti. Plinio Perilli spoke of “a dense expressionist attitude (the silent cry of “I know you can hear me”), able to retrace the travails and restless strains of Art Brut (“The expression of Madness”), but also the way of escape of an elegant surreality (“Life is not an Horror Circus”)». In this way she offers us – in the eyes of the Modern – her fervent vision and practice of emotional and subjective art, overcoming the risky monotony of realism: to propose and seduce the observer instead with the pathos of a strong, volitional and introjected impact.