Francesca Mucelli

Artisti Fotografia EN


Graduated in Fashion and Costume at the Art Institute of Porta Romana (Fi), and graduated in Visual Graphic Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts (FI). The artist’s works are mainly figurative and illustrative, a figurative able to deform according to the system in which it is contained and because of the symbolism, inserted in minuziosissimi details, aimed at telling social issues and problems in the current world, both lived on one’s skin, which are distant but close in an empathic sense. The themes included in the works are inspired by the contemporary social fabric, contaminated by techno-culture, by a society based on the logo on consumption on information and entertainment. The redesign of the individual through bio-technology, the fusion of meat and metal, meat and digital, the theme of human empowerment for consumerist purposes. The concept of the automaton, of the blocked man, unable to react, due to external agents or the system in which he lives, often appears. Other elements of reflection are jazz music (with its protagonists and its themes that embrace the most profound and true aspects of existence: love and pain), migrations, peoples in revolt, indifference and the role of the woman of our company. The image of women, almost omnipresent, is often show as proud and independent, a savior, able to take on humanity’s pains.

All this world is made according to mixed techniques that see as preferred the engraving on matrix of zinc, then the etching, the soft wax aquatinta, (etc), to pass to the xylography, the watercolor, the china, the acrylics and to photography.