Federico Parlato

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and expressive languages

Federico Parlato (Naples, 1963) was born as a photographer and, from a very young age, alternated his passion for naturalistic photography with that for reportage and social commitment. In those years, his shots were influenced by the lesson of photographers such as Mimmo Jodice or Tano D’Amico, with the extensive use of black and white, which serves to give a note of painful realism to faces absorbed as to the industrial landscapes of decommissioning. Towards the end of the 1980s, collaboration began with the photo agencies Panda Photo and Homo Ambiens, specializing in nature photography and landscape and environmental issues, obtaining numerous appreciations and awards and publication in the major specialized magazines. The crisis of the sector leads him to search for new job opportunities and in 1996 he moved to Milan, photography will remain a great passion, but completely changes the working environment. At a later stage, starting from the 2000s, Parlato, son of art, (his father was an established Neapolitan painter), came closer to the ancient vocation of painting. Always attracted by the technique of watercolor, which better than others seems to respond to the need for a dreamlike dimension, he attended for years the courses of the “Laboratorio Artistico” in Milan, a long period of apprenticeship necessary to master this difficult technique and find a own artistic expression. In recent years he participates, again in Milan, in the activities of the “Laboratory of Chromography” of the master and friend Claudio Jaccarino, where he experiments with new forms and expressive languages, in search of a renewed freedom with which to tell the landscapes of soul.

“The color now becomes melancholy and gently envelops the forms, smoothing the corners, now decided now transparent, in an incessant chasing of disillusionment and hope” (Paola Parlato). He has participated in the following group exhibitions: Portraits on coasters on paper and on canvas (Compagnia dei Ritratti) – Milan, February 2017, A journey through lands and colors (Laboratory of Chromography) – Milan, June 2018, Transparencies – Galleria Roccart – Florence, 30 March – 25 April 2019