Antonio Gioioso | Maluca

Artisti Arte Digitale EN

of the light

I was born in Naples in 1975, I come from a family of painter artists and I am a creative by vocation. I like to experiment in different fields with various techniques and materials, Bichromate Rubber, Watercolor, Digital Collage and not, Fineart Prints. I am currently working on the LIGHT REVEALS project, a special, patented method of superimposing images that interact with each other as the light passes by modifying the displayed scene. I used the method to design LAMPADOFFEN (lamps) and LIGHTBOX (backlit collages) that both work at low voltage 12 V with a three-function button: steady light, diffused light, off. The method is continuously work in progress to create new works. I work in Naples in MESTICHERIA6, my creative laboratory, where all ideas take shape and substance.