Annalaura Gargiulo

Artisti Pittura EN

in contrasts

Ever since I was a child I was never a big talker, I always preferred to express myself differently. I am AnnaLaura Gargiulo in art Alli, I am 22 years old, and my greatest passion is painting. I am a self-taught Neapolitan and I cultivate my passion with perseverance and dedication, trying to improve day after day. I hope that those who look at my paintings can immerse themselves, mirror, think, criticize, in short, experience emotions, art is so deeply subjective. I care about this subjectivity, it is the characteristic that makes us different and unique. I use contrasts a lot, which for me represent all the most interesting facets of the world I live, dream and desire. Color is the element I prefer during the creation of my paintings: determined, determined, intense and dominant. Welcome to my world, a world within the reach of all those who with feelings and humility manage to overcome their fears, to dive day after day into the wonderful world that is life and to sincerely cultivate all their passions.